First of its kind in Africa – A Holistic Health & Wellness Centre. Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation.

The Happiness Center

A calm, focussed and blissful state of mind is the key to unlocking your full potential. This state of mind is what helps you give your best to both the personal and professional aspects of life. The Happiness Center offers an invigorating environment of holistic health and wellness that combines the specific benefits of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga, breathwork, meditation and herbal and natural remedies that are uplifting and revitalizing.


Our vision is to ensure overall well-being through a holistic approach to health that brings harmony to body, mind and soul.


Our mission is to provide a sanctuary of health and healing that helps you lead a happier and healthier life. To revive the knowledge of traditional, herbal and natural medicines that have been forgotten. To harness the power of yoga, breathing exercises and meditation combined with essential lifestyle changes to achieve emotional and mental balance, along with vibrant physical health.


The Happiness Center is founded on the guiding principles of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of The Art of Living. He defines health as ‘a disease-free body, quiver-free breath, stress-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, obsession-free memory, an ego that includes all and a soul which is free from sorrow.’

Did you know that stress is one of the main causes of the majority of modern diseases? Chronic stress may lead to severe medical conditions like heart disease, hypertension, cancer, stroke, diabetes and digestive problems.

Amidst the hive of activity that is Lagos, The Happiness Center is a sanctuary of serenity. An Ayurvedic retreat to rediscover harmony and wellness. Situated on Victoria Island, The Happiness Center is inspired by Oriental and African decor and is surrounded by a haven of lush greenery. Our courteous and welcoming staff help you get the best experience during your time with us.

Victoria Island, Lagos

We offer a holistic experience through a range of health and wellness programs and therapies. Our qualified team offers the best herbal, Nigerian and Ayurvedic treatments along with yoga, meditation, breath workshops and dietary consultations.

All our therapies and treatments are performed considering each individual’s unique body composition and health condition. Your lifestyle and daily routine have a major impact on your health. Our focus is to consider every factor and guide you towards a healthier way of living.

If you’re craving a quick bite after a busy and stressful day, drop into The Happiness Cafe for a delicious quinoa salad or a golden latte. You can head over to our store to choose from a wide selection of organic food products, herbal supplements and natural beauty and skincare products that are sourced locally and internationally.

The Team

Each member of our highly professional team has benefited first-hand from the practices propounded by The Happiness Center. Their individual experiences and skills add great value to our customers’ endeavors.

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Happiness Coach | Yoga Teacher