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Beauty and skin brightening

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In Ayurveda beauty care was never seen as distinct from health care.

Skin care – by taking care of the skin we are taking care of the largest sense organ in the body. In Ayurveda the skin is ruled by Vata & Pitta. Doing oil massage, abhyangam daily prior to bathing as a daily regimen removes the dead tissue of the skin and improves the blood circulation thereby enhances the vitality of skin. In addition application of herbal face packs consisting of turmeric, sandalwood, and aloe vera also nourishes the skin and also acts as natural antibiotics.

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Hair Care – Hair loss, graying, dandruff, dry & oily hair are common complaints one comes across. Health of the hair depends on the metabolism of the body. Herbs like bhringraja, chandan, triphala, jatamansi, triphala effectively cures all of these.

“Beauty care is essential in not only making us look better on the outside, but more importantly heals the mind and body.”

To live healthy does not just mean the absence of diseases, but it refers to the ability to live life with dynamic expression; the ability to celebrate life at every moment and be sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature; it is therefore natural for a woman to accept Ayurveda as the way to caring for health!

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