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Deep Tissue Massage


Our skin contains the greatest amount of beneficial hormones therefore touch through massage communicates a positive therapeutic message. It balances endocrine and nervous system, enhances the vital energy points (Marma points) and affects literally billions of nerve endings that connect to all parts of body including brain & vital organs. Toxins are dislodged from the bodily tissues and gently eliminated leaving our entire system deeply balanced and nourished.


  • Massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to muscles.
  • Massage dilates or opens up blood vessels and improves the circulation thus massage improves the luster and texture of skin.
  • Also improves muscle tone and helps to prevent or delay muscular atrophy.
  • Massage relaxes muscular spasms and relieves muscle tension.
  • As skin has the maximum nerve supply so massage relaxes the entire nervous system and thus is very beneficial in Sleeplessness, Anxiety.
  • Massage improves the circulation and nutrition of joints. It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling in joints, thereby alleviating pain
  • Thus is very beneficial in Osteoarthritis, Spondylosis.
  • Abhyangam is a highly Relaxing & Rejuvenating therapy having curative effects as well. Depending on individual’s body type, life style and kind of work; a routine Abhyangam on weekly / fortnightly basis can keep one away from many ailments and stress related disorders


45 minutes

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