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Ancient Ayurvedic texts mention 72 eye diseases including those that affect the cornea, eyelids, optic nerves and the retina and prescribed remedies for them.

The human eye is an immensely evolved and critical organ. Current trends that witness a constant utilization of devices severely overwork your eyes by exposing them to unnatural levels of white light that differs from the natural sunlight that our eyes are traditionally accustomed to. Consistent and prolonged exposure to white light can hasten the natural aging process of our eyes, is detrimental to the pituitary hormones and can also impact sleep patterns.

As per Ayurveda, eyes are the seat of the Pitta Dosha – related to the fire element – that needs to be kept cool. Regular blinking also takes care of lubrication to the eyes, whereas irregular or reduced blinking may lead to dryness of the eyes and lead to reddening and eye strain.

The Happiness Center has devised an all-round eye care package that not only helps in improving your eye health as a direct result of overworking them but also offers non-invasive treatments that improve:

  • Poor eyesight
  • Refractive errors (myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism)

These treatments are curated based on individual challenges that also dictate the duration of the treatment.

Netra Tharpanam

Netra Tarpana is a specialized treatment that is effective for a variety of eye disorders. This is both a preventive and a curative therapy that nourishes the eyes and improves their health. Netra Tarpana is a non-invasive technique to improve vision and helps immensely in current day scenarios where people spend long hours in front of computers, mobiles and television sets.


Netra Seka is similar to Netra Tharpanam and involves pouring a herbal solution on the eye for a specific time. The main difference is that in this procedure, the eyes are kept closed. The flow of the herbal solution ensures absorption of important nutrients that cleanse the eye.


Thrataka (to gaze) is a process where you sit in a dark room and look at a source of light, usually a candle. This may sometimes be followed by cupping your eyes for some time to relax the eyes. This technique is very effective to keep your eyes healthy.

Eye exercises

Depending on the diagnosis, our experts recommend a series of eye exercises to help improve eyesight that must be practiced for a specific amount of time. Although these exercises may seem simple, they are highly effective and you can experience a noticeable improvement in your eyesight within a week or ten days.

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