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Happiness Program

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Learn the tricks of the mind and skills to handle it with your breath in the Happiness Program.

The Happiness Program is the flagship program of The Art of Living. It empowers you with life-changing, scientifically proven tools to shift challenging emotions and mind states such as stress and anxiety to experience a lasting sense of ease and a calm and clear state of mind — anytime, anywhere.

Taught in 156 countries, the Happiness Program teaches The Art of Living’s most unique offering to the world and the widely researched breathing technique – the SKY breath-work (Sudarshan Kriya Yoga ®). In the last 41 years, over 450 million people across the world have experienced the benefits of SKY breathing.

Course benefits:

  • 5 times increase in immunity
  • 218% increase in sleep quality
  • 56% reduction in stress
  • 70% reduction in depression

(Source – Research performed at Yale | Video link:

The Happiness Program is conducted over three days and the duration of each session is three hours. It is a powerful interactive and experiential program.

The contents of the workshop are as follows:

  • Deep dive processes for better understanding about oneself and life
  • Practical tips to lead a happy and content life
  • Diet tips to boost immunity
  • Gentle yoga, meditation & relaxation
  • Breathing techniques (Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya – SKY®)
  • Interactive intellectual exchange

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