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Menopause Package

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The Happiness Center offers this package to help women handle the symptoms of menopause effectively through proven Ayurvedic techniques.

Women – usually between the ages of 45-55 – undergo menopause that brings about certain physiological changes along with some emotional transitions. Physiologically, this leads to a decrease in the production of the female sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone. The process of menopause may last anywhere between a few months to longer periods that may last years. It can begin much before women experience their last menstrual cycle and continue well after.

While different women have varied experiences, The Happiness Center has devised specific care packages for women who experience symptoms of menopause such as irregular periods, hot flashes, chills, difficulty with sleeping, mood swings, increase in weight and reduced metabolism. Our package includes:


Abhyanga (Abhi – all over, Anga = body) is an Ayurvedic massage therapy that loosens muscles and improves circulation. Although Abhyanga may be performed using different liquids, Taila Abhyanga – massage with oil – is the most common and effective method.


This technique soothes and invigorates the five senses and the mind. Individuals experience a complete sense of tranquility, mental clarity and relaxation after a Shirodara treatment. The word Shirodhara means dripping (Dhara) of oil on the head (Shiro).

Dhanyamala Dhara

This treatment involves a rhythmic pouring (Dhara – pouring) of a lukewarm fermented herbal liquid on the body that is retained by placing a layer of cloth. This conditions the skin and instigates the removal of toxins.

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