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Menstrual Irregularities

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Menstrual irregularities such as painful periods, heavy flow in periods, amenorrhea and leucorrhoea are mainly due to the imbalance of Vata & Pitta doshas. Taking a holistic approach will help treating these irregularities for the long term. A typical Ayurveda approach focuses on improving metabolism and balancing the air (Vata) and fire (Pita) elements. The treatments may include

  • Virechana to balance the Pita dosha and improve metabolism
  • Basti (colon cleansing with herbs) helps in pacifying Vata (air) dosha and improves hormonal balance.
  • Udhwarthanam will help to reduce fat which gets accumulated around internal organs thereby restricting their optimal usage.
  • Abhyanga oil massage and Shirodhara can help reduce stress and anxiety associated with menstrual irregularities. Specially applicable during pre-menstrual syndrome.
  • In addition herbs such as Satavari, Haritaki, Triphala, Aloevera can help manage the condition. Note, these should be taken on advise from Ayurveda practitioners.
  • Regular exercise, practices like yoga, meditation and good diet further helps in controlling menstrual irregularities.

Treating INFERTILITY with Ayurveda

Infertility is mainly due to Vata imbalance. Conditions like Stress, PCOD, PCOS, Hormonal imbalance, Obesity can lead to Infertility. An Ayurveda practitioner can review the symptoms and advise on customized Ayurveda therapies.

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