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Postnatal Care Package

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Our postnatal care package for mothers who have just given birth to a new life help improve immunity and lactation, strengthen the lower back, hips and abdomen region of the mother and address the emotional and hormonal changes that occur during this period.

Giving birth to a new life is an exceedingly exhausting process that may leave the mother weak and in need of nourishment. Ayurveda identifies the following important areas for new mothers:

New mothers must be particular about the type of food they eat as what they consume will not just be for their own health but also for their lactating children.

The process of giving birth is extremely taxing and causes a lot of strain on the lower back, hips and abdomen region of the mother.

As per Ayurveda, this process involves the Vata Dosha – related to the air element – that may lead to excess Vata after the newborn has been delivered and hence requires special attention to balance this Vata element and strengthen the mother who has just given birth.

New mothers will also experience physical, emotional and hormonal changes after a delivery, which is why taking care during the postpartum period is very important. Ayurvedic practices emphasize fast healing, enhancing immunity and advancing the production of milk.

The Happiness Center has carefully designed postnatal care packages for mothers who have just given birth – whether it was a natural process or a cesarean delivery. Women who have given birth through a cesarean delivery can undergo treatments and therapies once the stitches have completely healed.

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