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Shirodhara – The Third Eye Treatment


The Shirodhara technique soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind. A total feeling of wellness, mental clarity and comprehension is experienced in this process. Shirodhara means the dripping of oil like a thread (Dhara) on the head (Shiro). Shirodhara involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead, more specifically stated- on the ‘third eye’. It is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows which is said to be the seat of human consciousness, also this point is the site of Pituitary the Master gland. When the brain is under stress, cerebral circulation is compromised. As oil is poured on the forehead, the nervous system is deeply stilled. The brain waves slow down and become coherent.

Once the brain is quietened, life energy, oxygen and other nutrients flow more freely to the brain. The result: better brain function, mood stability and improved stress handling ability.

This is a tantalizing and titillating form of Ayurvedic oil treatment.

The client lies on a specially designed table. A wide mouthed earthen vessel with a small hole at the bottom is hung above the head of the client, so that the wick hanging from the vessel is about two inches above the forehead. The special medicinal oil, milk, or buttermilk, coconut water or even plain water is poured into the vessel is made to flow in a continuous stream through the wick on to the upper part of the forehead. The eyes are protected with cotton pads to prevent oil from dripping into them. Material used for treatment depends on imbalance and requirement of the individual.

Results of Shirodhara

  • Mesmerizing and tantalizing effects
  • Treatment of several diseases connected with the head, neck
  • Helpful against insomnia and stress, stops tension headaches, Migraine
  • For nervous disorders and dispositions
  • Coupled with head message, it inhibits falling of hair
  • Prevention of premature graying of hair, Increases luster and form of hair.

This Shirodhara technique, if done correctly and accordingly, is known to accomplish miraculous healing


  • Helpful against insomnia and stress, stops tension headaches & anxiety, Migraine.
  • For nervous disorders like paralysis, and other ailments.
  • Prevention of premature graying of hair, inhibits hailfall, Increases luster of hair.


60 minutes


₦ 45,700.00

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