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Skin Care Package

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Our therapies utilize herbal steam baths, natural scrubs, oil massages and herbal face packs to stimulate the deepest layers of your skin cells and restore your natural radiance.

The ancient discipline of Ayurveda considers skincare an intimate part of overall well-being and has many procedures for Ayurvedic facials, treatments for certain skin conditions as well as herbal formulations for improving skin health. Our Ayurvedic therapies are designed for all skin types and take into account specific requirements to address unique needs and reveal the natural radiance of your body.

Although the type of skin is majorly dependent on genetics, there may be other causes that could propagate skin issues such as the type of food you consume and your lifestyle.

These treatments stimulate the deepest layers of the skin and soothe the body from head to toe; eliminating scars; restoring moisture and elasticity. Our experts also provide you with everyday tips to keep your skin in pristine health.

To tone and rejuvenate your skin cells, improve blood circulation and restore the natural radiance, our skincare therapies make use of:

  • Herbal steam baths
  • Natural scrubs and oil massages
  • Herbal face packs

Navara Facial

This beauty treatment uses a decoction of Navara rice mixed with herbs that are then packed into small bundles. This nourishes and repairs aging skin by supplying nutrients that increase skin elasticity and improve overall skin health.


Abhyanga (Abhi – all over, Anga = body) is an Ayurvedic massage therapy that loosens muscles and improves circulation. Although Abhyanga may be performed using different liquids, Taila Abhyanga – massage with oil – is the most common and effective method.

Shastika Shali Pinda Swedana

A Swedana treatment that mainly uses rice which is cooked in herbal milk to soak nutrients. The process uses warm herbal bundles with rice and milk to allow the body to sweat. SSPS is a nourishing therapy to remove fatigue and exhaustion.


This therapy involves soaking the body in lukewarm herbal oils along with a gentle massaging that is done in rhythmic motions. The warm oils soothe and relax the body and gentle massage helps alleviate stiffness in certain muscles and improve blood circulation.

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