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Solution for Joint aches

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All joints, specially neck, shoulders, lower back, and knees are crucial areas. All of us need to take special care of these parts, rejuvenating and strengthening them. At The Happiness Center, we focus on healing inflammation, reducing pain and swelling, and increasing joint mobility. Our comprehensive health solutions include detoxification which expels waste matter, reduces bloating, boosts liver function, thereby improving metabolic activity. Individuals may be administered Virechana (detox by purging), Basti enema (treating the colon with herbal decoction and oils), targeted massage and other therapies. These synergistically improve blood circulation which automatically reduces inflammation – pain and swelling subside. Additionally, the herbs and oils we use possess pain reducing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Overall, these Ayurvedic solutions for joints helps alleviate pain and swelling; and restore normal everyday activities. Best is to start with consulting our Ayurveda specialist who can check your condition and advise on course of treatments.

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