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Swedana – Steaming


Swedana is a steam treatment which induces sweating. It comes from the Sanskrit “swid”, meaning “to sweat or to perspire”. Steaming raises the body temperature and toxins are released through the skin during the process of sweating.


  • Rejuvenating, deep cleansing.
  • Reduces wrinkles in skin.
  • Relaxing and soothing for body & mind.
  • Relieving stress, reducing stiffness and relaxing muscles.
  • Increases body metabolism.
  • The purpose of steaming is to increase body temperature which opens the channel system to dilate resulting in increased circulation.
  • It allows toxins to move out of body through skin as the body sweats.
  • Relieves the discomfort of asthma, allergies and arthritis
  • Relieving throat irritation by moistening the air
  • Relaxing muscles and thus relieves in coughing
  • Relieving inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes
  • Loosening secretions and stimulating the discharge of mucous from throat and lungs (natural expectorant)


5-10 minutes

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    Swedana - Steaming