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Professional and domestic responsibilities leave very little time for you to look into your health and day-to-day routines. Over time, this leads to unhealthy habits such as untimely meals and having the wrong type of food at the wrong time. A direct result of such a lifestyle is putting on weight.

The road to a healthy body as per Ayurveda is a combination of a balanced diet, exercise and rest and aligning to our natural body rhythm. Our Ayurvedic weight loss package includes effective health and treatment therapies that use herbs, therapies and diet and lifestyle improvements with a focus on encouraging positive habits for sustainable long-term benefits.


Starts with detoxification and/or cleansing the system to stimulate metabolism.

Carefully providing the body with the right diet and exercise regimen catered to individual needs.

Identifying and committing to a healthy lifestyle by charting a sustainable diet and exercise plans along with herbal therapies aimed at improving metabolic activity that clears channels and stimulates the circulatory system to improve the elimination of toxins.

Depending on your body type, Ayurveda specialist will recommend one or more of the following treatments.


A herbal enema process that cleanses the lower bowel region where the herbs are administered through the anal route and are then absorbed in the intestine for complete cleansing.

Churna Pinda Swedana

This process uses Churna (powder) and is a form of sweat-inducing therapy or steam treatment that uses herbal powders suspended in herbal oils that are placed on specific parts of the body to induce perspiration.


A herbal purgation therapy to remove toxins and completely cleanse the gastrointestinal tract. It is a safe procedure carried out under observation without any side effects.


This is a massage therapy that uses a paste made from an assortment of herbs. The entire body below the neck is massaged, which helps open the circulatory channels and facilitates metabolism. It also improves and leads to a breakdown of cellulite, which is especially helpful in weight loss.

Dhanyamala Dhara

This treatment involves a rhythmic pouring (Dhara – pouring) of a lukewarm fermented herbal liquid on the body that is retained by placing a layer of cloth. This conditions the skin and instigates the removal of toxins.

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    Ayurveda Weight Loss Package