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Art of Silence

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The Art of Silence Program provides optimum conditions for calming and stilling the chattering of the mind. You are able to dive deep within to experience inner peace, clarity and joy. In different cultures and traditions, silence is practiced as a gateway to personal discovery.

The program is carefully organised and closely guided by experienced senior instructors, offering you an optimal environment to let go and relax deeply. Your day is structured to offer you the perfect balance between guided sessions and personal time to contemplate and connect with yourself.

Main Features of the program:
  • Get much needed rest in an all inclusive guided retreat
  • Go deeper with advanced guided meditations, silent enquiry and rejuvenating yoga
  • Realign with your inner truth

3 full days, usually Friday morning to Sunday evening


Those who have done the Art of Living Happiness Program/Online Meditation and Breathwork workshop/YES! +/ Basic Course/Part 1 Course


Currently available both online via video conferencing and at The Happiness Center.

Main Elements of the program

Deep meditations

A set of guided meditations are the core of the program. These meditations are designed to pull out the deepest layers of stress and tension from our nervous systems.


Silence is much more than just not speaking. It is a way to renew ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. Even just a few minutes of true silence can provide deep rest which is far deeper than sleep, and possibly anything else you’ve experienced in life.

Mudras & advanced pranayama

The Art of Silence program teaches a series of mudras (yogic hand gestures) - a subtle technique to balance the mind and emotions.

Upcoming Online Programs


Breathwork / Meditation