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Corporate Programs

Stress Management Programs for Leadership, Middle & Junior Management

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Art of Living Corporate Programs

The Art of Living Corporate Programs offer leadership, team building and change management workshops. These programs combine personal development processes, advanced leadership techniques and powerful breathing tools to help individuals excel, both personally and professionally.

iExcel iLead - for Leadership

iExcel iLead Corporate Programs

The iExcel iLead program caters to the challenges faced by the upper management of companies and unlocks avenues for transformation. Typical challenges faced by business leaders whilst stewarding their growth range from competition, unconducive government policies and banking regulations to matching economies of scale, payment and credit issues and most importantly, attracting and nurturing a talented and skilled workforce.

  • Immune boosting and stress management techniques
  • Tenets on inspirational leadership
  • Coping with uncertainty
  • Decision making through the power of intuition
  • Teamwork and effective communication

4 consecutive days, 2.15 hours each day

If people are not inspired from within, it will not be possible to build a good work ethic.
– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanka

iExcel iIntegrate - for Teams

This program is specially designed for teams and middle to junior management. The program offers time-tested and scientific learning methodologies and tenets that allows managers to advance personal, team and organizational excellence through dynamism.

  • Immune boosting and stress management
  • Team building and belongingness
  • Responsibility and empowerment
  • Ownership and trust
  • Creativity and innovation

4 consecutive days, 2.15 hours each day

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