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Yoga for kids

Yoga for Kids

A wonderful program where the kids learn the ways of a healthier lifestyle in a fun filled way.

In today’s time, kids are under pressure to perform well in both their academic and extracurricular activities. They are equally subjected to a lot of physical exertion and fatigue. UNICEF recommends that children should practise yoga poses to reap benefits like increased flexibility and fitness, mindfulness and relaxation, as the long break from school continues during Covid19.

Yoga helps them calm down and builds their strength. Children love to learn through fun and not through routine patterns, so yoga poses need to be specifically structured for kids to enjoy them. Yoga helps them concentrate better on their studies. Research has even shown that yoga helps in improving their overall study grades. It can increase creativity, build stamina and confidence and reduce stress levels. From a young age, when children are taught how to calm their minds, they become emotionally stable.

Sri Sri Yoga program for kids is a wonderful program where the children learn the ways of a healthier lifestyle in a fun-filled way.

The entire program is playful, effortless, engaging and fun. All the exercises and processes are specifically designed for the younger age group.

Program Content
  • Yoga with lots of fun and enjoyment
  • Simple wisdom through games and stories
  • Stress-relief and breathing techniques
  • Tips on handling negative emotions
  • Talk on food and nutrition

4 days, 2 hours


8-13 years


Currently available both online via video conferencing and at The Happiness Center.

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